What We Do

We design and manage innovative projects that use creative methods to engage the public in the pressing social and environmental issues of our time.
Project Example
In 2013, Heidi Quante, Creative Catalysts Founder, collaborated with the NYC public intervention artist Eve Mosher to transform Eve’s public intervention art piece HighWaterLine into a tool to help communities in the US, UK and Southeast Asia, visualize how climate change will impact their neighborhoods and greater community.  Creative Catalysts continues to work on this project by supporting communities globally who wish to realize a HighWaterLine in their community.
Strategic Advice
We provide strategic advice to organizations seeking to design creative projects to engage the public in pressing social or environmental issues.

We also provide strategic advice to artists seeking to expand their artistic practice to include elements that engage the public, inspire public discourse and where desired, facilitate action on a specific issue.
We offer a workshop, Seeding Possibilities, that brings together community stakeholders (including community leaders, residents, artists, scientists and others), to collectively design innovative approaches to tackling environmental issues facing their community.
Workshop Example
In 2015 we collaborated with a diverse array of Los Angeles residents including Residents of Pacoima, GRID Alternatives, Voces Verdes, Community Health Center, Free Lots, LA Open Acres, Pacoima Beautiful, RePowerLA, LA social practice artists, graphic designers, urban art interventionists and more to collectively design an art intervention that connected low income residents to free solar power resources including free solar installation training for youth to free solar panels for low income homeowners.